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he is like glowing with happiness

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Today 9/2/14

Was such a great day. Last first day of undergrad classes for myself and I am more than excited for what the year has to offer. Walking into my major building and just talking to everyone with plans we have for the year made me realize that this may actually be the year that I get everything I want. I haven’t had a year like that since my junior, maybe my senior year of high school.

Talk to my favorite professor today and he mention you of course. He tells me that you are going through something guys deal with when it comes to commitment. I told him I wouldn’t bug you, which I haven’t, and that I’ve been focusing on me, which I have. It’s crazy thinking this time last year how different everything was. 

As I finished unpacking my stuff today I ran across your resume and thought about how I wasn’t done designing your new resume for you. Then I ran across the valentine’s day article of the paper from last semester and saw my message to you. It’s moments like these that make me realize how stupid and how much shit sucks and how you can’t see things from my point of view.

You aren’t doing anything different that you would have been had we still been together. This is the thing that pisses me off the most. Like it’s funny how last semester you were talking about keeping a low profile and just focusing on graduating and how now all you want to do is attend/host different kickbacks and parties. Great job at keeping a low profile. 

You’ll learn…eventually. I’m just hoping for your sake it won’t be too late. 


"I’m too ugly to let you in."


Whitely Gilbert (A Different World, Season 4, Episode 8)

Also me on a daily basis when people arrive at the crib unannounced.

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